In Australia, the barbecue is an undoubtedly important part of our national identity.

The barbecue culture of today has evolved from the humble beginnings of a traditional sausage sizzle to a much more sophisticated version of the backyard bbq.

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Australians today are lucky enough to be exposed to a multitude of different cultures and their cuisines. As palates have become more complex, the stereotypical burnt sausages and chops have given way to a vast array of marinated meats, whole BBQ fish and other seafood and a gourmet variety of other delicacies to be cooked on the barbecue.

Accordingly, the barbecues on the Australian market today have evolved to become more complex and high powered than ever. Moving away from low powered, ordinary barbecues that often broil and overcook meat rather than searing it, the higher end BBQs of today are designed to be hot enough to perfectly sear steak.

Perfectly cooked, restaurant quality steak can now be prepared at home, in their own backyard.

The Aero Barbecue is designed and manufactured in Melbourne, Australia especially for Australian outdoor conditions and the Australian style of barbecuing.

The Aero is a powerful 80 mega joule, completely stainless steel barbecue which is designed to last. Smart design ensures that the Aero will be the perfect centre of attention in your alfresco dining area.

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