Qasair and Condor Rangehoods can generally be ordered as either a top or back ducted unit which means the outlets for the motors are vented either at the top of the rangehood or from the back of the rangehood.

Whether a top or back ducted unit is required depends on where the rangehood is installed and if it can be vented straight out an external wall or through the ceiling.

If you require any help with selecting a top or back ducted unit, please contact your nearest Condari retailer or the Condari office in your state.

The following list of Qasair Rangehoods can be converted on site from top to back ducted and vice versa.

  • CM – Compact
  • CON – Conley
  • EAS – Eastmore
  • ETN – Eaton
  • FA – Foldaway
  • GRA – Grampian
  • KEN – Kent
  • LIS – Lismore
  • LIV – Liverpool
  • MUR – Murray
  • NDCH – Undermount
  • SMF – Maitland
  • STA – Statesman
  • TR CT – Thermidor
  • WES – Westmore
  • WCV – Cobar