Qasair Rangehoods and Condor Rangehoods are known as the best rangehoods on the Australian market.

Condari has designed and manufactured Qasair Rangehoods and Condor Rangehoods for over 25 years in Melbourne, Australia. Condari specialises in manufacturing rangehoods designed especially for the Australian cooking styles and climate conditions.

We are proud to manufacture premium, unique products and have the reputation of the being the highest quality and most effective rangehoods on the Australian market.

Not only do we manufacture an extensive range of standard models, Condari also custom designs and manufactures special Qasair and Condor Rangehoods – rangehoods that are made to order and individually designed according to your requirements and specifications.

Although beautiful to look at, the main focus at Condari is the functionality of the products. We are committed to making rangehoods that not only look impressive but also have:
• Unequalled air movement
• Low noise levels

To manufacture our premium products, we use only the best components from around the world.

The 4-pole motors are imported from EBMPapst in Germany. The majority of the stunning type 304 brushed stainless steel sheets we buy from Japan and the Sapphire Steel sheets come from Europe.

Both Qasair and Condor Rangehoods have the following features:

• German, 4-pole motors with a tangential fan
• Type 304 brushed, non-magnetic stainless steel
• Robust stainless steel mesh filters
• Energy efficient LED strip lighting, most hoods come with a nightlight
• Majority of rangehoods are insulated on the interior with fibre glass matting

Because of the quality of the products, our hoods are extensively specified by architects and designers around Australia and are regularly incorporated into award winning houses and apartments.

Our range of products can be viewed at all major retail and designer showrooms around Australia. Please see our list of retailers and designers.

Condari supply all major cities around Australia and also export internationally to New Zealand and South East Asia.