1. Who is Condari Pty Ltd owned by?

Condari Pty Ltd is a wholly Australian owned company curiously owned in partnership by two men of the same name – John Keating.

The John Keatings have owned Condari since the mid 1980s.  Both Condari head office and factory are located in Melbourne, Australia.

2. Where are Qasair / Condor Rangehoods manufactured?

Qasair and Condor Rangehoods are manufactured in our factory in Ringwood in Melbourne, Australia.

3. How does the airflow on a Qasair Rangehood or Condor Barbecue Rangehood compare with other brands on the market?

The airflow of an average indoor rangehood on the Australian market will move between 300-600 cubic meters of air per hour (m3/h).

Each Qasair / Condor motor has an airflow of 900m3/h on high speed.

Each Qasair / Condor motor has a airflow of 450m3/h on low speed.

Standard Qasair Rangehoods come in single, twin or triple motor depending on the size of the rangehood. Therefore, a single motor at maximum speed moves 900m3/h, a twin motor moves 1800m3/h and a triple motor moves 2700m3/h.

Condor Rangehoods are all triple motor rangehoods with airflow of 2700m3/h.

Qasair and Condor Rangehoods are much more powerful than other brands on the market.

4. Why are Qasair and Condor Rangehoods so quiet?

There are three main reasons for the quietness of Qasair and Condor Rangehoods

1.  Qasair and Condor Rangehoods are fitted with 4-pole motors made exclusively for Condari. They are designed to be extremely quiet in operation.

2.  The body of most Qasair Rangehoods and all Condor Rangehoods is packed with fibre-glass matting which acts as a highly insulating sound barrier.

3.  To duct Qasair / Condor Rangehoods, Condari recommends

  1. Rigid
  2. Non-flammable
  3. Ducting sized to suit number of motors
  4. Ducting to be vented to the external atmosphere

Hence, noise made by the air flowing through the ducting is reduced to a minimum.


5. Can Condari custom make Qasair and Condor Rangehoods

Condari specialise in making custom designed Qasair and Condor Rangehoods.

Condari will customise a rangehood, specific to your style, cooking requirements and cabinetry and manufacture it right here in Australia in our factory in Ringwood.  See Custom Made / Special Rangehoods.

If you are interested in the possibilities of a custom designed rangehood, please speak with a Condari retailers or call the office in your state to speak with one of our friendly staff.

6. What are Qasair and Condor Rangehoods made of ?

Qasair and Condor Rangehoods are made of the highest quality type 304 brushed stainless steel which is non-magnetic.

7. What are Qasair Sapphire Rangehoods made of?

Sapphire Rangehoods are made from chemically etched stainless steel.  The textures and colours are all part of the stainless steel itself and are not just applied to the surface.

8. What are Qasair / Condor filters made of?

Qasair and Condor Rangehood stainless steel filters are made from layers of robust mesh that are very effective at filtering grease and dust.

9. What is the difference between baffle and mesh filters and which is better?

Qasair and Condor Rangehoods only use stainless steel mesh filters because they are the most effective for collecting grease and dust thereby protecting the motors from long term damage.

Condari does not use baffle filters for the following three reasons:

1.  Baffle filters are not effective at collecting fine grease and dust particles and were developed for fire prevention in commercial kitchens.

This build up of grease and dust inside the rangehood can cause the motors to break down.

2. Baffle filters have a higher resistance to airflow than mesh filters and reduce the airflow by approximately 20%.

3.  Baffle filters causing higher resistance to airflow results in a noisier rangehood.


10. How do I clean the filters?

Condari recommends washing the filters in the dishwasher or hand washing once per month to prevent grease and dust build up.

11. Why does one need such powerful airflow?

CSIRO testing shows that for an indoor grill, the minimum air movement required is 1400 cubic meters per hour.

Condari recommends twin motor rangehoods ( air flow: 1800m3/h ) in the following situations:

  1. Electric grillers and indoor barbecues
  2. Indoor gas barbecues
  3. Wok burners with a ≥15 megajoules
  4. Fish burners used with a griddle plate
  5. High speed gas burners
  6. Teppanyaki plate
  7. Cookware over 1000mm in length
  8. Asian and Indian cooking

The powerful airflow is required to effectively expel all the by products of cooking including steam, heat, grease and odours.

It is important to cover the width and the depth of the cooktop as much as possible, therefore choosing the correct model rangehood is important.

12. Where do Qasair / Condor motors come from?

Qasair and Condor motors are made exclusively for Condari by leading global manufacturer of fan technology – EBM Papst in Germany and also Ecofit in France.

13. Why do Qasair and Condor Rangehoods have such a good reputation on the market?

Condari specialise in manufacturing rangehoods.  Qasair and Condor Rangehoods are widely known as the leading brand of rangehoods in Australia.  Over the past 40 years, Condari has utilised the highest standard of engineering and superior quality materials to manufacture the finest rangehoods on the market.

Since the early 1970s, Qasair Rangehoods have enjoyed the reputation of being the most powerful, quietest and highest quality rangehoods on the Australian market.

Condari is committed to maintaining this reputation by working closely with architects and designers to continually improve its technology and designs and adapt to the changing market.

14. Why are the Condor Outdoor Rangehoods recommended for outdoor use?

  • Condor Rangehoods are designed to work effectively over a smoky outdoor barbecue in an alfresco area.
  • Condors have larger bodies with a double filter area to allow higher capture efficiency.
  • Condors are all fitted with triple motors to move a massive 2700m3 of air per hour.

15. What is the warranty on a Qasair Rangehood?

Standard manufacturers’ warranty on Qasair Rangehood is 3 years.  If an Approved Qasair installer installs the rangehood, the warranty is extended to a total of 6 years.

16. Do I have to use a Condari Approved Installer to install my rangehood? Will it void my warranty if the installer is not a Condari Approved Installer?

The standard three year manufacturer’s warranty on Qasair and Condor Rangehoods will apply whether or not an Approved Installer installs the rangehood.  However, if the rangehood malfunctions as a result of incorrect installation, the rangehood may not be covered by the company warranty.