Getting it right the first time!

There are still occasions where our rangehoods are installed with incorrect ducting and consequently they do not perform well.

Changing the ducting can be a costly and stressful exercise, particularly when joinery needs to be removed and altered.

We stress that it is much better to get it right the first time!

Reducing the size of the ducting can have hugely detrimental effects on airflow.

We submit the following for consideration:

Airflow on high speed m3/h
Unobstructed Qasair motor( bench test ) 980
Qasair motor with 200mm diameter outlet 885
Qasair motor with 150mm diameter outlet 673
Qasair motor with 90mm diameter outlet 290


Tests are done at the Condari factory with a Beacon Anemometer Air Flow Meter and are generally considered to be accurate to ±10%.

As the table illustrates, reducing the size of the ducting from 200mm to 90mm results in a massive 67% drop in air flow.

Condari therefore recommends DO NOT REDUCE THE SIZE OF THE DUCTING.

Condari also manufactures custom made ducting for tricky situations.  Please speak to your Condari retailer or the Condari contacts in your state about custom made ducting.