Standard Qasair Rangehoods are fitted with either one, two or three motors.  Condor Rangehoods are all fitted with three motors.  

Each motor has an airflow of  900m3/h, therefore standard Qasair rangehoods have an airflow from 900m3/h to 2700m3/h and Condor Rangehoods all have an airflow of 2700m3/h.  

Please refer to the airflow table below.



All Condari extractors fans have an air movement of 900m3/h per motor and can be controlled individually.


Number of motors Air movement – motors low speed ( m3/h ) Air movement – motors high speed ( m3/h )
Single motor Qasair Rangehood 450 900
Twin motor Qasair Rangehood 900 1800
Triple motor Qasair Rangehood 1350 2700
Triple motor Condor Rangehood 1350 2700
Custom made Qasair / Condor Rangehood Unlimited Unlimited


Custom Qasair and Condor Rangehoods can be fitted with more motors depending of the size and style of the rangehood.