Food Waste Disposers

Food scraps comprise around 10-20% of a household’s waste and can be a potent source of unpleasant odours and bacteria in the kitchen.

Food waste disposers which dispose of waste quickly and hygienically are a must have appliance in the modern Australian household’s busy kitchen.

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Food waste disposers offer a quick and easy solution for virtually all food waste. Perfect for clients who like to entertain at home or who enjoy cooking at home, the disposal units are a convenient as well as environmentally friendly method of managing food waste.

Installed discreetly underneath the sink, the disposal system will grind food scraps such as meat bones, fruit cores and pips and vegetable peels.

Food waste disposers operate with a safe grinding system rather than blades. Garbage that is washed into the grind chamber is thrown against the grooves of the grind ring until it disintegrates into tiny pieces that are then flushed down the drain by running water.

An effective food waste disposer will allow you to grind virtually all food waste including bones and fruit pips whilst being quiet and safe in operation.

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