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HNR Rangehoods

Harvey Norman

Introducing the HNR Rangehoods in 3 models – HNR 60L-1/HNR 90L-1 and the HNR 90L-2 from Qasair. With a depth of 280mm, these are suitable for all cabinetry situations. QASAIR Rangehoods are designed to suit the Australian lifestyle and enhance every kitchen. Qasair Rangehoods are designed to work effectively over all domestic cookware available in Australia. Qasair have all the features you require in a rangehood for modern day cooking appliances to suit Australian cooking

Code HNR
  • HNR 60L-1
  • HNR 90L-1
  • HNR 90L-2
TYPE Undercupboard
AIRFLOW Single Motor 900m3/hr
Twin Motor 1800m3/hr