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HNE Rangehoods

Harvey Norman

QASAIR Rangehood presents New Models HNE 60L-1/HNE 90L-1 and the HNE 90L-2 and HNE 120L.   These new models are deeper at 380 mm and has a larger filter area which caters for many new cooktops available on the market now.   These rangehoods can be installed at 600 mm above a cooktop but we recommend they be put at 750 mm if going over a deeper bench top particularly if the hotplate is a high speed gas, electric incorporating a wok burner or an induction hotplate.   Qasair will effectively remove heat, grease and odours from the kitchen – thus protecting soft furnishings from lingering odours and the surrounding cabinetry from grease.   Qasair strives to resolve function and design issues, ensuring customer satisfaction on all levels.

Code HNE
  • HNE 60L-1
  • HNE 90L-1
  • HNE 90L-2
  • HNE 120L-2
TYPE Undercupboard
AIRFLOW Single Motor 900m3/hr
Twin Motor 1800m3/hr