QASAIR Rangehood Duct Pieces

One of the key secrets to the exceptional performance and quietness of Qasair Rangehoods is our unique ducting system.

Condari manufactures our own rigid duct pieces from zinc-alume in our factory in Melbourne, Australia.

Made especially to suit Qasair and Condor Rangehoods.

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Our robust zinc-alume ducting parts, assembled on site, ensure that air flow from the powerful motors is never restricted or bottle necked.

Smooth, solid ducting reduces air turbulence and thus ensures that performance of the ventilation systems is never compromised.

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Qasair Ducting Size

Qasair duct pieces are designed to accommodate the high velocity air flow from Qasair motors and are hence larger sized than standard vent kits.

Ducting size increases with the increasing number of motors in the rangehood so that air flow is not impeded.

To ensure maximum performance of our hoods, Condari recommends the use of our specially made Qasair accessories.



Ducting – Getting it right the first time!

Condari ONLY recommends:

  • Solid
  • Non-flammable
  • Correctly sized ducting that is vented to the external atmosphere.

Flexible ducting is never recommended and may impact the performance and noise levels of these high-powered ventilation systems.

Longer duct runs and more bends will reduce the effectiveness of ventilation, hence Condari recommends the use of the

  • Shortest duct run possible
  • Least number of bends possible



Custom made ducting

For tricky ducting situations, Condari also custom make duct pieces if required.

Please contact Condari in your state if you are interested in the possibilities of custom made ducting.